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    "Daniel is one of the most inspired, passionate, boundary-spanning creators I've had the pleasure of coming across. His vinyl art has not an ounce of imitation, not a sprinkle of similarity to anything else out there & it's pure, raw creative genius."

    - Maria Popova, The Marginalian
    "Daniel does his art, his way. He takes creative moments in time and adds another layer on top of them. In my neighborhood we call that marching toward the sounds of the guns. Going to where the action is. His art is a remix. He reinterprets the old in a whole new way and redefines a medium."

    - Prince Campbell

  • "'Vinyl Art' Arizona artist paints portraits on records." - FOX 10 Phoenix News

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    "Daniel Edlen, Vinyl Artist, On The One LP He Wouldn't Paint." - HuffPost Arts & Culture

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